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January 2017 Meeting Reminder

Let us start off the new year with a fantastic Fire Eaters Meeting on January 4, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and 7:00 p.m. for the formal meeting.  Commander Joe Wright will take charge and officiate at the meeting.
Our keynote speaker is our good friend, Les Updike, previous Brigade Commander, and a very able historian.  He will speak to us on the topic of “Lincoln vs. The Constitution”.  Sounds something like our current President’s problem!
As most of you know, the Fire Eaters are fortunate to have THE TABLE (you know what I am talking about!) at its pre-meetings and at its meetings, where the occupants of THE TABLE are famous for their festive attitude, hilarity, loud laughter, joking, and all manner of raucous behavior.  However, at a recent Fire Eater meeting, THE TABLE was strangely quiet, all was silent, there was no hilarity, no loud laughter, no joking and no familiar raucous behavior.  As a result of this situation a thorough investigation was conducted, led by a forensic CSI expert, interviewing numerous witnesses, reviewing the video tapes of the pre-meeting and involving all of the most current techniques for serious investigations of all types.
We are pleased to report that the experts have discovered the reason for the silence at THE TABLE at the involved meeting.  Although the usual suspects were shown to be present at the meeting, based on reliable sources, it has been determined that there was one particular individual who was absent, and who invariable is an occupant of THE TABLE.  That person is not other than mild, shy and meek Cathy Hendricks!!!!!  Therefore, it has been determined that said Cathy Hendricks is the instigator of the raucous behavior, laughter, joking, and fun time at THE TABLE.  Cathy Hendricks has been revealed to be THE INSTIGATOR, and she is so named for good cause shown.  In addition, based on all of the authority invested in me by Me, Myself, and I (a three person committee), I do hereby further denominate and name the said Cathy Hendricks as the RAUCOUS REBEL BELLE, to be so referred to in all Fire Eater Camp business, Minutes and other official communications!!  Congratulations, Cathy!!
Please attend our Fire Eater Camp meeting on January 4, 2017 at Anna’s Italian Restaurant.  Be sure to arrive early so you can get a good seat to observe the conduct, behavior and activities of our own INSTIGATOR and RAUCOUS REBEL BELLE, as she presides over THE TABLE.  Please offer her your congratulations, but no autographs, please.
Joe Howard
1st Lt. Commander

December 2016 First Shot


The December edition of the First Shot is now available. Click Here to Download

Merry Christmas

Dear Compatriots:
Have a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the entire Christmas Season, which lasts for 12 days, starting today.
See you all at our first meeting of 2017, on Wednesday, January 4.
Put that date on your new calendar that you just got for Christmas!  DO IT NOW!!!!!
Take care.
Joe Howard