Past Meetings


February 4 2015 Meeting

Speaker, Eric Richardson will be speaking on the Confederate Navy

March 4 2015 Meeting

Speaker, Douglas Crenshaw, author of “Fort Harrision and the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm” and his  presentation will cover the same. This is from the back cover of his book,” Doug Crenshaw is a strategic IT sourcing manager who has studied history at Randolph Macon College and the University of Richmond. A volunteer for the Richmond National Park, Crenshaw is an avid history enthusiast and member of the Richmond Civil War Roundtable.”

March 14, 2015 Adopt A Highway Clean Up & Oakwood Clean Up Day

  • 156 Catlin Road to Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA – Beginning at 8:00 am. This usually takes about an hour to complete. Immediately following join us at Oakwood Cemetery for the Clean Up Day there.
  • OAKWOOD CLEAN UP DAY (postponed from 1/24/15)
    Calling All Compatriots! The camp will be doing clean up at Oakwood Cemetery on February 7th at 8:00 am.
    We are looking for as many volunteers as possible. Let’s roll our sleeves up and make this a huge success.
    All pickups, dumptrucks & trailers are welcome that can be used to haul alway the debris that we clear away.Here is a list of tools that will be need during the clean up. Please bring what you are able to help us get the job done!
    Chain saws (fuel, oil, gauge, files, screwdriver, wrench, ear & eye protection)
    Bow saws
    Pole saws
    Speed saws
    Lopping shears
    Axe and or Hatchet
    Rakes (hard and leaf)
    Pitchforks will be of help
    Old tarps
    Bush Axe
    Leaf blowers
    Brooms – Push & sweeping
    5 gallon buckets (4)
    Extend-A-Grip (4)

April 1 2015 Meeting

Jeff Toalson will be presenting ‘Mama, I Am Yet Still Alive’ talk which bring focus to Southern voices in 1863 with a variety of historical props.


June 4th 2014 Meeting 

Speaker, Frank Yates

Topic, Captain W.T. Owen, 8th Virginia Infantry

July 2nd 2014 Meeting

Speaker, Bo Traywick

Topic, ” I am only a one sermon preacher” ( an updated presentation on his book Empire of the Owls)

August 6th 2014 Meeting

Speaker, Matt Barrett

Scott Williams is a Geographic Information Systems Analyst with Chesterfield County Environmental Engineering. He has worked for the county since 1996. During that time he has been active in helping to preserve, interpret and maintain Civil War sites in the county. He wrote several sections of the Bermuda Hundred Campaign Tour Guide and created all of the maps for that book. He also created the maps for “The Seventh South Carolina Cavalry: To the Defense of Richmond” and is currently working with historian Lee Sherrill to produce maps for his book about the 21st North Carolina Infantry. Scott is on the committee that is planning events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in Chesterfield County and has served as the Chairman of the Military History Committee for the Chesterfield Historical Society since 2006.
The Bermuda Hundred Campaign
In May of 1864, Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler landed the 38,000 man Army of the James on the Bermuda Hundred Peninsula in Chesterfield County. Butler made tentative advances toward Richmond and Petersburg but fell back to his defenses each time. Meanwhile, Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard scrambled to find enough troops to place in Butler’s path. Scott’s talk will highlight these actions and the lost opportunities of one of the most overlooked campaigns of the war. He will also discuss some of the little known events that took place on the James River in the early days of the campaign.

Sept.3rd 2014 Meeting

Speaker, Richard Stewart founder of Pocahontas Island Black History Museum

October 1 2014 Meeting

Speaker, Becky Cumins, National Park Service, Fredericksburg

Topic will be the wounding and death of Jackson.  20 years Historian at NPS Manassas and Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania  and Wilderness.  Foundation President Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans And work with Wounded Warriors.

October 11 2014 Adopt A Highway Clean Up

156 Catlin Road to Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, VA – Beginning at 8:00 am.